Small Space Tips from Trailer Living

Folks that live the trailer lifestyle know all about how to maximize a small space, and the manufacturers of these trailers have got small space design engineering down to a science. To be clear we’re not talking about RV’s or double-wides which are basically mobile versions of your home, but rather travel trailers from the 16-20 foot variety.
Here’s what we’ve learned from these trailer companies that you can apply to your own small space kitchen, bedroom, bath or living space.
1. Purge thoroughly
You’re probably not a hoarder but its likely you still have a lot more stuff than you really need at home and its easy to overpack your trailer with “essentials” that either are not needed or can be purchased on the road if necessary.
2. Wire baskets and rollouts
In the kitchen you may have deep pantries and drawers. Make use of the entire space by installing wire baskets on rollers. You can also use lazy-susans in corner spots or cabinets.

3. Closet Shelving
Shelves aren’t only for the kitchen and bathroom. Make sure you have plenty of shelves to organize your stuff in every closet in your trailer. Make use of all the vertical space which is a great organizer and allows you to stuff more in each small space.
4. Over the Door Hangers
These handy hangers can expand your closet space by a lot. Use these behind doors in the bathroom or bedroom and put easy to reach sweaters or jackets on them saving valuable closet space.
5. Plastic Containers
Visit the Container Store or something similar where you’ll find plastic containers of all sizes to store items in every available space including under your bed or on top of cabinets and shelves. Go clear so you can see whats in there before opening.
photo: dwstucke

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