Synlawn Artificial Grass Upgrades Our Backyard


Despite our best efforts and gallons of water, our lawn remained in a state of disrepair. It doesn’t help that our small patch is where our dog urinates so that grass will never grow back but it created lumps between thriving grass and dead spots. Needless to say this isn’t the most ideal surface for our growing boy to play in. He actually avoids our lawn.

We’ve long considered artificial grass for our lawn as well as a dirt patch that we have in the back. But our impressions of artificial turf remind us of that green carpet stuff that used cover porches in the 80’s. Well times have certainly changed and after a quick look at the artificial grass that was available at Lowe’s, we were sold on their Synlawn product.


Synlawn is about as close to real grass as you can get. It comes in various lengths and can also be cut to length whatever size you need. It’s safe for pets and children and doesn’t require an infill so after you level your surface you can simply unroll the Synlawn and install it.

Installing Synlawn was easy. We bought some 6-inch nails and used them to secure the edges of Synlawn every 4-6 inches. It’s always best to have the least amount of pieces as possible but if you take time to cut it using a carpet knife or box cutter you should be able to align the edges nicely.

We’ve found Synlawn to be very easy to clean and we rinse it occasionally and use a blower on it each week to remove the leaves. The one drawback is that after a few hours of midday sun the surface feels hot to the touch and we have to wear shoes while walking on it, but otherwise our son and his friends can now enjoy a clean and safe surface to play on and we can save water and have a year-round green lawn to enjoy!

synlawn-children synlawn-baby

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