The Most Popular Kitchen Colors

popular kitchen colors
Annual color forecasts are often a barometer by which home decor, design and other companies introduce trends and products. Have you noticed an increase in turquoise this year? That’s because it was named the Pantone color of the year in December.
On the flip side, the National Kitchen and Bath Association selected its own top colors for the year: white and off-white (thanks to the Kansas City Homes & Gardens blog for the tip.) Now that I think back on all of the kitchens I’ve seen in this year’s design and DIY magazines, white and off-white color palettes definitely dominate current choices.

Although an all-white kitchen may be intimidating to some, sticking with a mostly pale or neutral color palette makes periodic updates a little easier–brightly colored accents, tile and even appliances can add a quick pop of color that changes the room without requiring a complete overhaul. Plus, white and off-white shades are more timeless than vibrant hues, allowing homeowners to create more of an investment kitchen without worrying about the design becoming quickly outdated.
What are your favorite colors for the kitchen? And do you listen to companies like NKBA that issue color forecasts? Or do you prefer to stick with your tried-and-true palette?
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