This Old House Project Location Map

this-old-house-map location
We’ve mapped out the This Old House Project locations which after almost 30 years and over 50 house projects, The This Old House television show has gone coast to coast and beyond to restore and renovate Victorians, Farmhouses, Bungalows, Brownstones and more.
Inspired by the Bob Vila on location map we took it upon ourselves to use Google Maps to layout all of the This Old House projects from the first house project in Newton, MA in 1980 to the latest house project in New York City.


Note the high concentration of house projects in the Northeast as every season a Boston area project is chosen during the summer months which allows the guys to remain close to their businesses and provides a window of weather for the team to work with their favorite subs and designers. A longer house project is chosen for the rest of the year and usually takes place in warmer climates as you can see by the multiple projects in Florida, Southern California, and the Southwest. There have been two international projects, London and Bermuda and I’m sure the requests for overseas projects has continued to build.
*The locations on the map are not the actual address of the house project but rather the general location of the city or town the house was located. More details for each house project will be added soon.
This Old House Project Map

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