The Benefits of Owning a Small Hot Tub

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Hot Tubs are the perfect party favor but you can still enjoy all of the benefits of a hot tub that only seats 3. We’ve got the STIL7 which is their high-design modern spa that seats 6, but Bullfrog also shines on the other end of the spectrum with their 2 to 3 person hot tubs that are sized to fit in almost any outdoor space. 

Small Household

You don’t need a large yard to enjoy the benefits of a hot tub. Condo owners with small patios can make great use of their space by installing a hot tub sized for 2 or 3 people. Bullfrog offers three different small hot tubs that are all the same size (5’8″ wide x 7′ long x 31″ height) but just differ in features and price. 

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These small hot tubs are ideal for couples or singles who desire a quiet place to relax, as well as active people who want to receive all of the benefits of hydrotherapy without the space or commitment of a large hot tub. You’d also be surprised about how many people you can pack into a 3-person hot tub!

JetPak Hydrotherapy

The most notable difference between the three small hot tubs is the number of JetPacks they have. The JetPaks therapy system is exclusive to Bullfrog. You can choose between 17 interchangeable JetPaks that all provide a different level of massage on your back. 


The least expensive Bullfrog X5L does not contain any JetPaks, but it does have three unique jet patterns that are built into the spa. If you’re on a budget but still want a high-quality spa, then the X-series hot tubs are a great choice.

X5L top 1

The R5L is the next step up and comes with two JetPaks which is the sweet spot for customization and price. If you need a fully-customizable hot tub, then step up to the A5L which offers three JetPaks as well as massaging wrist, hamstring, and calf jets for the ultimate hot tub experience.

A5L 3pt

If you need a bit more space then the round X6R is for you. This round design is the only one available from Bullfrog and is the ideal party hot tub for those on a budget. The layout is ideal for conversation and it’s designed to fit comfortably into any space.

round spa

If you indulge in regular massages for your health, imagine walking into your backyard and enjoying an instant massage via hydrotherapy, anytime you want.

120V Plug and Play

In addition to the JetPaks, the absolute best feature about these smaller hot tubs is that they run on 120V power. Which means you can simply plug it into your standard household outlet. 

The smaller sized hot tubs only need one pump to circulate the water, which allows it to be powered by a standard 120V outlet. No need to hire an electrician to install a 240V outlet and add a 50 circuit to your panel. Just plug in the hot tub and start “playing”. 

your hot tub

The “plug and play” option also gives you a bit more freedom to move your hot tub since nothing is required by code to be hardwired like 240V is. So moving your hot tub across your yard only requires that your hot tub will reach an outlet.

This 120V option is only available on these 2-3 person hot tubs as well as the X6R round tub, so it makes it much easier to setup.

No matter which Bullfrog hot tub you choose, they all maintain a superior level of quality and reliability, which makes them standout amongst the competition. The difference makers include:

1. Sturdy base & frame to withstand any weather
2. Less plumbing & fewer holes to prevent leaks
3. Quality components made in the USA

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