Transform Wood Furniture With Teak Oil

During the colder months, it’s hard to envision lazy summer days spent outside, lounging on outdoor furniture with a book (or your latest DIY to-do list.) We’ll help chase away the winter blues with a suggestion on an outdoor project that you can complete now (if you live in a warmer area) or in a few months.
If you have a piece of reclaimed wood furniture (or plan to build one), opt for a few coats of teak oil to stain and seal the wood. The benefit to teak oil is that it deepens in color with age and outdoor exposure, meaning your furniture will only look better with time.
Teak oil also brings out the natural grain of the wood. The deeper the oil penetrates, the more noticeable the wood grain will be, adding a striking dimension to the piece.

To apply teak oil, use similar techniques as you would with any wood stain. Make sure your furniture is clean and dry before application. Use a pair of gloves to keep your hands clean, and apply the stain with a brush. It’s best to apply a thicker coat on the top of the furniture, or whatever area gets the most outdoor/sun exposure.
Feel free to add multiple coats to enhance the richness of the wood. Just make sure to let each coat dry thoroughly–about 24 hours–before you proceed.
To maintain the look, treat your furniture with a fresh coat of teak oil annually.
You can also use teak oil on indoor furniture, too — you may not get as dramatic of an aging process as an outdoor piece, but the finished product will still be a striking addition to any room. Check out The Brick House’s Fence Bench for inspiration.
Have you used teak oil on any of your wood projects? How were the results?
Photo courtesy of The Brick House

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