Trend Watch: Fridges Of The Future

The refrigerator is truly a modern wonder, isn’t it? It keeps our food and drinks cold, and also serves as an artwork and message display center.
We came across a great post on refrigeration trends and it made us realize just how far this mighty appliance has come. The post also looks forward to several trends that will continue to change the way refrigerators are purchased, installed and used.
For example? Expect to see an increase in modular pieces that will allow consumers to separate refrigerators and freezers as needed, and place them throughout the kitchen as space allows.

And if you prefer to have a more inconspicuous refrigerator, you’ll have more choices in that regard, too. recommends a built-in or counter-height fridge that you can install flush with your cabinetry. Plus, more and more refrigerators can be covered with cabinet panels, allowing the appliance to seamlessly integrate into your kitchen depending on the style aesthetic you’d like to emulate.
Now it’s time to have a little fun. If you could design your fridge of the future, what would it include?
Photo via My Place

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