Wallpaper Trends For 2011

If you’re looking for something bold to help you reinvent a room this year, try thinking beyond your basic solutions with paint. For 2011, wallpaper is where it’s at — and not just for accent walls, either.
Here are a few trends, according to Shelterpop, that began appearing in 2010, but are already making a huge impact on 2011:
Paintable Wallpaper
Seems like we were ahead of the curve on this one a little bit. While we’ve yet to actually order paintable wallpaper, we have managed to get our hands on a couple of samples and LOVE the look. The idea of customizing the colorways to suit your individual tastes is quite the seller for this wallpaper, as well as the ability to change your mind with just a coat of primer and a gallon of paint instead of having to tear the whole thing down.

Tone on Tone
If you’re looking for a more subtle vibe, tone-on-tone papers can be the way to go for you. They can make a dramatic statement with color, yet leave a lasting impression once the subdued pattern is revealed upon further inspection. They’re also great for added elegance in small spaces such as entryways and guest bathrooms where a larger, louder pattern might overwhelm the space.
Nothing is more dramatic and attention-grabbing than metallic ANYTHING, but this is especially true of wallpaper. From soft golds to rich bronzes and sharp silvers, a metallic wallpaper is a fabulous way to create instant glamor and decadence in a space. If you’re looking for a way to add some definite oomph to a room, metallic wallpaper just can’t be beat.
Looking for the ultimate in decadent wallpaper? How about trying on some hand-painted and hand-screenprinted papers for fun? These beauties appear more as fine works of art carefully created upon your walls than your average big-box off-the-shelf paper. Many wallpaper companies including Graham & Brown, Hygge & West, and Flavor Paper carry hand-painted or hand-screenprinted in their collections. If you’re looking for a statement room, hand-created is the way to go.
Matching Textiles
Maybe you’ve already taken the jump with some wallpaper and really want to make it pop. Consider adding matching textiles to the space. Reupholstering a chair, adding drapes, or even coordinating the carpet in the same pattern and colorway as the walls will not only make a room feel incredibly pulled together, but it will help create the illusion of more space since everything will blend into one another. Make sure, however, that you go with a more traditional or neutral paper/fabric that you won’t mind looking at for years to come if you go this route — you don’t want your room to scream 2011 in 2020.
Want more wallpaper suggestions? Check out our post on wild wallpaper choices, where you’ll be able to find three of the trends (paintable, tone-on-tone, and metallics) just waiting for your perusal. And if in the end, you decide wallpaper’s just not your thing, take heart — here’s our easy wallpaper removal tips.
Hat tip Shelterpop
Photo: Flickr.com/Ian Wilson

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