Behr Releases 2011 Color And Design Trends

If you’re eager to get a head start on next year’s home improvement and decorating projects, you may want to consult Behr Paint’s 2011 Color and Design Trends forecast.
According to the company, “The versatility of paint is the focus of 2011 Behr color trends. Beyond just color applied on the wall, paint is the perfect prescription for revitalizing other decor items as well.”

Behr’s colors and trends are grouped into several classifications:
+ Boudoir Goth, comprised of deep colors like purple and gray.
+ Rock ‘N Roll, which unites “updated neutrals” such as burnt orange, chalky brown, burgundy and taupe-gray.
+ Tokyo Pop, an ideal palette for a teenage girl’s room complete with yellow, purple, candy floss and hot pink.
+ Danish Twist, a take on northern European design that includes ripe olive, creamy white and dark blue.
What colors are on your radar for 2011? And where do you get your paint inspiration?
Photo courtesy of Behr

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