Combat Electrical Overload With New Line of Amprobe Tools

Like it or not, the holidays will be here before we know it! If you prefer to channel your inner Clark Griswold with an over-the-top holiday lighting display (or simply want to troubleshoot your existing electrical devices), the new line of Amprobe tools may make the top of your wish list.
Amprobe electrical test and measurement tools are now available at Lowe’s for purchase by DIYers and home improvers. The “easy-to-use, hand-held electrical test and measurement tools determine the source of problems with switches, electrical outlets and extension cords in home improvement projects,” according to the company.

Whether you’re installing a massive lighting display or simply have a problematic outlet, Amprobe voltmeters can quickly troubleshoot electrical appliances, as well as air conditioning, heating and hot water units.
The tools can also be used to check batteries in smoke alarms, flashlights, radios and other similar devices, among other uses.
Homes often see an electrical overload during the colder months as a result of increased heating and power consumption. Armed with an Amprobe voltmeter, you can quickly locate the source of the problem, allowing for an easier repair.
Will you add a voltmeter to your at-home toolbox?
Photo courtesy of Amprobe

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