Do You Recognize the 5 Warning Signs of Bad Home Design?

In your search for the perfect home you’ll undoubtedly come across many that are complete junk, from both an aesthetic and construction point of view. Bad home design comes in many different flavors but here are some warning signs that can help you steer clear from the mayhem.
Don’t get cute
Adding design and style elements just for the sake of adding design is not a good sign. It’s always better to work with less than to add more and many times people throw design concepts up to cover an issue.
Cutting corners
Many builders are guilty of creating beautiful homes but then filling them with crappy doors, low-end light fixtures, and cheap cabinets. Replacing those items ends up in your lap later.
What style?
Everyone has different taste but there are home styles that builders should adhere to unless you decide to go off the reservation and then you don’t really care about bad design. It’s important to identify the house style as that confirms how it’s designed both inside and out. Of course you can deviate from that style but if you can’t make out what a style is then stay away.

Look at your neighbors
If you live in a neighborhood of 1930’s bungalows and your neighbor tears his down and puts up a stucco two-story 5 bedroom that stretches from the end of each property line then you’ve identified bad design. The house might be beautiful but consider how it effects the neighborhood and surrounding homes.
Bad additions
We love additions that combine styles or are used to modernize a home but sometimes an addition is just a room plopped onto the house with no regard to how it effects the overall footprint of the home on the property it sits or how it effects the flow inside. You’ll know it when you see it.

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