Eco-Inspired Wallpaper For Children

eco wallpaper childrens room Eco Inspired Wallpaper For Children
Despite the increasing array of environmentally friendly interior paint available, many consumers still prefer the graphic punch of wallpaper. If you’re seeking an eco-friendly alternative to traditional papers, consider the “Eco” line from Graham & Brown.
According to the company, “this wallpaper is printed on paper from managed timber sources and only uses water-based inks with no VOCs or solvents. Even the packaging is eco-friendly! It is entirely compostable and made from corn.”

The “Eco” line features 38 designs in a pleasing mix of solid colors and patterns. If you’re wallpapering a child’s room, try the “Eco Highway” design, an inventive patterns that features futuristic cars fueled by milk. You’ll not only add a whimsical touch to the room, but also may inspire your child to come up with the next great environmentally friendly idea!
“Eco” wallpapers are typically priced from $60/bolt (double roll).
Photo courtesy of Graham & Brown