13 Eye-Popping Woodshops

Woodworking is a dying art that the current generation of DIYers just aren’t taking the time to learn. Woodworking is often a skill passed down from generation to generation and as technology creeps more and more into our everyday lives our dads will more likely know how to setup a POP email server than cut a dovetail joint.

I’m in the camp of wishing I knew more or anything about woodworking. Yes I can cut and measure lumber but there is no art to it. The beauty in woodworking (from what I’ve  heard) is getting to a point where you can go away from plans and start customizing your own furniture or other project.

Here are 13 woodshops that any woodworker or not will love. The clean floors and flawless tools will make any tool junky envious.

Check out the rest of our woodworking articles and if you are into awesome looking workshops from notable makers, builders, DIYers and craftsman, then you must visit Tool Crave.

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  • Seth

    You can’t title the article “13 Eye Popping Woodshops” when some of the photos are of the same workshop! The title should should only be something like “10 Pretty Boring Woodshops”. Idiot.

  • Nate

    I mean yeah… I saw two decent ones and a bunch of crappy ones.

  • Nathan Gray

    What chair is that? Anybody have a brand/model?

  • ken larkin

    Where are the 13 of them.