3 Ways to Detoxify Your Home


Two recent news stories – an article in The New Yorker entitled The Plastic Panic and a CNN television investigative report called Toxic America – got me thinking, yet again, about the dangers lurking in our own homes. I find this topic incredibly distressing. Toxic chemicals are found in products we encounter every day, multiple times a day. After becoming overwhelmed with how to protect my family, I decided to start with a few small steps. Care to join me?

1. Stock up on non-toxic cleaners – The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reports that the air within our homes can be more seriously polluted than the outdoor air. There are a multitude of sources, from asbestos-containing insulation to central air conditioning systems. Rectifying these large-scale problems might seem overwhelming. But, today, you can easily buy better household cleaners. There are so many options available that there is no excuse not to make the switch. My favorite: Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Aromatherapeutic Household Cleaners.

2. Replace plastic leftover containers with glass – By now, everyone has heard of the potential links between Bisphenol A (BPA) and cancer. Because of the compound’s pervasive use in plastic products, substitute glass wherever possible. Try these stylish Vintage Glass Food Storage pieces from The Container Store. Dishwasher, freezer and refrigerator, and microwave safe, you can rest assure that no hazardous chemicals will leak during use.

3. Invest in stainless steel pans – To reduce possible exposure to Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), which the EPA lists as a “chemical of concern,” ditch the nonstick and Teflon pans. Instead treat yourself to a set of All-Clad. Not only are these elegantly crafted products the foremost in professional cookware, you know the food they yield will be delicious and uncontaminated.

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