5 Questions To Ask Your Kitchen Designer

Designing your kitchen space can seem overwhelming at times, especially in the beginning stages. You can save A LOT of time, stress and angst if you hire a kitchen professional that works in this field of design. Once you make that time-saving decision, here are 5 questions you should make sure to ask.
1. How can your kitchen designer help you achieve your design goals?
If it is creating more space, dive into that detail. It may be designing on a budget; if so, have she/he explain their design tactics. A kitchen designer is there to act as your design coach and work together with you and your family as a team.
2. What materials (cabinetry, countertops, appliances, backsplash, lighting) will work best for you and your family?
Sure, you may love stainless steel, but is that best for a family of five? What size width of certain appliances will work best in your space and for your needs?

3. What design choices will works well with YOUR home?
A kitchen should blend in perfectly with the era of the house. Of course there can be modern elements blended within, but the kitchen should overall flow perfectly with the existing style.
4. How will your kitchen floor plan/design work for you and your family? If you have children or a spouse/partner that enjoys cooking with you, designating space for that is crucial in a functional kitchen. If you entertain, creating a seating area/serving area will work beautifully. If you are big shoppers, you may want to create a large pantry area to properly store goods. Most kitchen designers will either use a computer-aided program or hand sketch your personal design so you can clearly see your new space ideas prior to the final order.
5. Ask about the design timeline
How long does it take from your first meeting, to the design layouts, to the ordering and final install? Again, your kitchen designer is there to help with any questions that will arise from start to finish of project but you want to be clear of how they personally operate. This will make your project flow smoothly when you know how the timeline will work and what to expect.
Using a design professional, whether it’s a kitchen designer or your contractor, should feel like an easy and trusting partnership. Choose someone who has a great professional background, has spent time in their chosen field and shows passion and dedication and you will set yourself up for success in your project. Most of all, ENJOY– this is a creative process that should reflect your personality as well!

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