Don’t Forget Daylight Saving Time and Check Your Smoke Detector Battery

This weekend we turn our clocks back an hour in observance of daylight saving time (unless you live in Arizona). It’s also a great reminder to check your smoke detector battery.
Every smoke detector has a test button. Simply press it and wait for the beep. Most smoke detectors will also start beeping on their own when they start to wear down as a reminder to change the battery. Don’t ignore this warning.
Have a great weekend!

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  • Leah

    I swear I love your blog. I feel as if every post is somehow pulled directly out of what’s going on in my life at the moment. Including the deck, flagstone walkway, sagging gate, tree decisions…. Sheesh!? Are you stalking me?! heheh.

    • Not stalking…but glad you find our content on point and relevant to what you are working on!!!

  • Allison

    Great topic, as I think home owners should know as much as possible about their own homes (or the ones they think they want!). But, I strongly recommend a professional home inspection in addition (and… no, I’m not a home inspector, but an avid old house enthusiast). Aside from the added level of knowledge an inspector brings, they also carry lots of cloat to help you when putting together a purchase offer. (I also recommend using a “good” realtor — good meaning knowledgeable, hard working, etc.). If the inspector finds major problems, the seller will have to listen!

  • Allison

    Love that house, by the way. Nothing that a little bit of paint, stucco repair, etc. etc. won’t fix. Lots of character and you can’t beat a front porch!

  • norbert floth

    This old house has a timeless beauty that makes it a priceless piece. But before you purchase any vintage property, you need to evaluate how much you have to spend on remodeling it.