Safety Tips Everyone In Your Family Should Know


Kwikset SmartSquad Blogger BadgeKwikset has taken notice of our home security blog and have asked us to join their Kwikset SmartSquad to help educate homeowners about effective and proactive steps to help maintain the safety of their home and family.

We thought we’d start with five safety tips that everyone in your family should know.

1. Lock the Doors and Windows
This seems like a no brainer but it only takes a few moments for a burglar to jump your fence and see if your window or door is unlocked. It’s much easier for them to find open doors or windows than to break into homes that are locked with deadbolts. Criminals always want to find the easy way in so don’t help them too much.

2. Leave a Light On
Burglars will “case” locations and if you’re gone and the lights are always off you are an easy target. Using timers are a great idea and if you are concerned about wasting energy then make sure you switch to an LED or CFL bulb.

3. Don’t Neglect Landscaping
Houses with great curb appeal show that someone is usually there taking care of the property. Houses that sit empty often are better targets. Keep up your yard and your neighbors will also love you.

4. Know Your Neighbors
If you have neighbors you feel you can trust then offer to keep an eye on their house when they leave town and they will almost always return the favor.

5. Don’t Talk to Strangers
There is no reason you should open your door to anyone selling anything. Don’t worry about being nice, just talk to them through the door and offer very little if any information. Kindly say thanks but no thanks. A common practice now are criminals going door to door and checking on who is living there and what the situation is.

Disclosure: I am a member of the Kwikset-sponsored SmartSquad and and occasionally receive incentives to discuss issues related to home safety and security.

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