Tips for the Kitchen Sink

Ah, the kitchen sink–such a wonderful vessel. It can double as a miniature bathtub, dish storage and receptacle for all things dirty, grimy and soapy.
There’s no doubt about it: the kitchen sink is an important part of any functioning kitchen. Whether you’re starting from scratch or want to upgrade, check out a compilation of our handy tips so you don’t “sink” your kitchen’s design.

+ We’ve said it once, we’ve said it many times: thoughtful kitchen planning is an effective way to ensure the long-term success of your kitchen layout, and that includes the design of a kitchen work triangle.
+ Once you’ve located a place for the sink, it’s time to decide what type–and size–will best fit with your particular parameters. Do you prefer a single-basin to a double- or triple-basin model?
+ For design that’s truly sustainable–and eco-friendly–opt for a bamboo sink, which, thanks to technology, is becoming available in an increasing array of styles and shapes.
+ And after you’ve selected and installed your sink, here’s some handy help for quickly solving a pesky problem: clearing a clogged drain in a two-sink kitchen.
What’s your favorite type of sink? Have you recently installed a new sink, or do you plan to replace yours in the near future?
Image courtesy of Kohler

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