A Fun-Filled Day with Delta Faucet & Brizo

Yes, being around faucets all day can be fun (at least for one day) as the folks at Delta Faucet Co. proved to myself, assistant editor Katy Ryan and roughly 15 other new media outlets covering home improvement and remodeling that were invited to participate in their 2010 media day.
Being welcomed with a shower (no pun intended) of applause by 100 Delta Faucet employees is a great way to start the day. This gesture felt genuine without a hint of pretense and speaks volumes to their corporate culture of which we’re going to get a taste of throughout the day.

Not only were we introduced to their multiple lines and collections of progressive faucets but they also put us to work installing a kitchen faucet with touch technology and a bath faucet and drain. We’ll share our notes on the installation process soon but in short we got both faucets installed and functioning in under 15 minutes and we’re not pros.
The day finished off with their top designer, Judd Lord, sharing the process and inspiration for creating the Delta and Brizo faucets as well as a sneak-peek at faucet prototypes and soon to market products.
Continue to check back with us or subscribe to our weekly newsletter as we reveal our favorite products from Delta Faucet and Brizo as well as a step-by-step on installing a Delta Faucet shower head and Pilar touch technology kitchen faucet.
More photos from our visit to Delta Faucet Co.
Special thanks to Charlie Kondek and his team from MS&L Worldwide for coordinating this event. The entire Delta Faucet group was informative and gracious and extra mention goes to Paula Warner, Rick Roetken, Jai Massela, Susan Fisher, Paul Patton (shower guru), Bob Rodenbeck, Franco Perin, Judd Lord and Charlie McTargett

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