The Benefits of a Wood Burning Sauna

One of the most traditional and authentic ways to experience a sauna is with a wood burning sauna. These types of saunas have been around for centuries and have many benefits that make them stand out from other types of saunas.

benefits wood burning sauna

The Ambiance of a Wood Burning Sauna

One of the biggest benefits of a wood burning sauna is the ambiance it creates. The warmth of the wood burning stove and the crackling sound of the fire create a peaceful and tranquil environment that is unmatched by electric or gas saunas. The natural aroma of the wood burning also adds to the overall experience of the sauna.

Health Benefits of a Wood Burning Sauna

A wood burning sauna can also provide many health benefits. The heat from the wood burning stove increases the body’s core temperature, which can lead to an increase in blood flow and sweating. Sweating helps to flush toxins out of the body and can also help to relieve muscle tension. The heat and humidity in the sauna can also help to open up airways, making it easier to breathe. Other benefits include:

  1. Relaxation: The heat and humidity in a sauna can help to relax muscles and reduce stress.
  2. Improved cardiovascular health: The heat and increased heart rate from sauna use can improve cardiovascular health.
  3. Cleansing: Sweating in a sauna can help to remove toxins from the body and promote overall health.
  4. Pain relief: Saunas can help alleviate pain and stiffness associated with conditions such as arthritis and fibromyalgia.
  5. Improved immune function: Regular sauna use may help to boost the immune system and reduce the risk of illness.
  6. Weight loss: Sitting in a sauna can cause your heart rate to increase and you will sweat like you are working out.

Cost-Effectiveness of a Wood Burning Sauna

Another benefit of a wood burning sauna is that it is cost-effective. While the initial cost of a wood burning sauna may be higher than an electric or gas sauna, the long-term cost is much lower. Wood is a cheaper heat source than electricity or gas and the sauna can be used for many years without needing any major repairs or replacements.

Build or Buy a Wood Burning Sauna

A wood burning sauna is a great option for those who want to experience a traditional and authentic sauna experience. The ambiance, health benefits and cost-effectiveness of a wood burning sauna make it a great choice for anyone.

There are quite a few wood burning sauna manufacturers who will deliver and install saunas already assembled or you can build your own wood burning sauna like our friend Mark Bollman did.

There’s no denying the benefits of a wood burning sauna, so if you buy or build it doesn’t matter, just get one in your house today.

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