Black Kitchen Design Is More Gotham Than Goth

black kitchen design

White has become the default color for a well-designed kitchen. But that doesn’t mean it is the only option. We’ve seen black kitchen designs, but they are sleek and crisp and shiny. This black kitchen is just the opposite. It comes from Rotpunkt, an award winning designer and manufacturer of quality German kitchen furniture. They’ve designed a kitchen that embodies the latest trends in color and texture with their Raw 19 Kitchen. It features 3mm sandblasted wood effect veneer in painted black finish.

This ground-breaking kitchen concept is able to adopt many of the latest kitchen design trends for 2019, tapping into the high streets growing love for new materials with high texture, a darker color palette and industrial style. The Raw Kitchen features its new and expressive sandblasted wood finish, a highly coarse surface texture which gives the look and feel of living wood grain. Further accentuated by its painted Black appearance, the sandblasted effect gives the wood a signature rustic look that is dimensionally stable and durable: ideal for a hardworking kitchen environment.

The new kitchen also features its new round knurled handle in black, which is designed in combination with PushSoft: an elite soft close mechanism that can be mounted in-carcase on either the handle or hinge side.

2019 kitchen design trends will pay great focus on the ‘jewellery’ of a kitchen and Rotpunkt’s new round knurled handle is designed to provide better grip in style with the convenient push-to-open fittings. Plus, all hinges for 2019 will be supplied in Zircon SX105 Anthracite with Blum technology to work with Rotpunkt’s existing drawers, baskets and shelves, as well as colour-match all back panels, traverses of each base unit and the inside fillers of sinks units: also Anthracite.

Progressive design and innovation expands across this entire kitchen design scheme, as Rotpunkt’s Sima Core Worktop makes an appearance across the central island and sink counter in Statuario Matt marble effect finish. A Sima core kitchen worktop from Rotpunkt is constructed from several layers of kraft paper impregnated with phenolic resin and compressed under high pressure and temperature for the height of durability and design flexibility.

With a greater need for hardworking furniture in the modern kitchen, multipurpose workstations that play with different eye-lines and visual weights are a must-have for creating enough space to amply store all of your kitchen appliances and cookware in a discreet manner.

Balance your hidden storage with a select choice of display cabinetry like Rotpunkt’s new Frame system that is industrially styled to provide stack-up-frames as per the open shelved sideboard, seen pictured. Able to create unique arrangements and contrast in the kitchen, this new Frame system can be wall or floor mounted, freestanding or integrated for the utmost flexibility.

Rotpunkt’s new Raw Kitchen in Black Sandblasted Wood finish (as pictured) is priced from £20,000+vat.

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