Bodum Santos Makes Coffee Sexy

If a coffee maker can be sexy then the Bodum Santos is the one. Perhaps its the smooth hour glass shape or the delicate handle and top, whatever it is, Bodum has designed an incredible looking coffee maker.
Our bodum electric vacuum coffee maker served it’s last cup after continuous leaking from the bottom that we couldn’t plug. We sadly said goodbye and realize the only replacements were available on eBay as Bodum had discontinued our model.

They are now selling the Bodum Santos which is a range heated pot made of glass that functions in a way similar to the electric powered Santos. As water is heated in the bottom it rises to the top and brews the coffee. Once heat is removed the fresh brewed coffee sinks back down into the bottom container and is ready to drink.
We can’t wait to try our favorite beans and we’ll let you know of the coffee tastes as good as it looks.
Check out the Bodum Santos

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