A Quick Solution For Wood Paneling? Add Paint!

I have rather strong feelings about wood paneling. As in, I hate it. I don’t mean to offend you if you’re a wood paneling fan, but I think it darkens and dates a room. So what can you do if faced with a room full of wood paneling?
The obvious choice is to tear it out, of course — and who doesn’t love a little good ol’ fashioned demolition? But as I was browsing a fantastic Before & After compiled by Ethan of One Project Closer, I realized another inventive solution: paint!
Angela from Fixing It Fancy shared her bedroom transformation, and, wow — looking at the “before” photos makes the “after” all the more impressive! One of the first steps in the project was to remove the wall-to-wall wood paneling in the room.
The ceiling, however, proved to be a different story. It was also paneled, yet Angela opted to cover it with white paint instead of removing it. That, combined with crisp white trim and a grayish Tiffany blue for the walls, creates an airy, relaxing aesthetic that’s perfect for a bedroom.

The wood paneled ceiling adds interesting texture to the room, but the paint lightens the wood and allows other features in the bedroom to emerge as focal points, too, rather than fighting with the paneling.
This project affirms our belief that a good coat (or three) of paint can solve just about anything! If you have another paint transformation trick, we’d love to hear it!
Photo courtesy of One Project Closer

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