Bosch Oscillating Multi-Tool Attachments

We just reviewed the Dremel Multi-Max oscillating tool and fortunately we also had a full-set of Bosch oscillating multi-tool attachments to test it with as the Dremel was scarce on included attachments.
Bosch has their own line of 12V oscillating tools and an entire lineup of cutting, sanding and scraping attachments. The best part is, these attachments can also be used on other oscillating multi-tools such as Fein and Dremel. You simply need to bolt on the adapter and then place your new attachment and you are good to go.
We were very impressed with the entire Bosch lineup. The blades all felt strong and performed admirably. We used them to cut through a truck bed lining and it went through it like a hot knife to butter. It was amazing.

Our favorite attachment has to be the scraper. We used it to remove some paint from an old door and surprisingly it didn’t take much wood with it at all and we were able to fine-tune how we angled the Dremel and the scraper attachment truly worked wonders and saved our hands from manually scraping.
If you’ve got an oscillating tool, do yourself a favor and make sure you get all the available attachments for it. You’ve got an amazing tool so why not allow it to reach its full potential.

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