Build a Rolling Lumber Rack to Fit Full Sheets of Plywood Plus Cut Offs

As your passion for woodworking grows, so will your supply of plywood and lumber cut-offs. This rolling lumber rack should accommodate most avid DIY woodworkers and fit nicely into the corner of their workshop.

This rack is built using three 2x12s cut at an angle, 2x4s, and a sheet of plywood. Heavy duty casters are added to the base for maneuverability. A table saw with a dado blade helps to cut half lap joints to attach the 2x12s to the base and a cordless drill/driver is used to drive all of the deck screws to hold the piece together. A jigsaw is also useful to trim the cutouts needed in the plywood.

This rack can be built for roughly $120 in materials and custom designed to fit your space. A rolling lumber rack is convenient for floor cleaning purposes as well as those times when you need to re-arrange your shop to accommodate new tools.

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