How to Build a Work Table Using a Door


If you’ve got a solid core wood door, you’ve got yourself the makings of a nice wood work table. You need to start with a door with no moldings and hopefully the surface is smooth. If it’s got chipped paint or of the wood is damaged it would be best to repair or sand it first before painting it.

Estimated Project Time: 3 Hours
Challenge Level: Medium
Tools & Supplies:
1 gently used or new solid core wood door
Sandpaper grits: 180, 220
Box of 2” deck screws
4 pieces of 4×4 lumber cut to 32”
4 corner braces
4 L braces
Drop cloth
Tack cloth
Safety glasses
Circular saw
¼” drill bit
Polyurethane Finish

1. Find a gently used solid core wood door or buy a new one.

2. Assemble tools and materials and cut table legs to desired length using a circular saw or hand saw.

3. Place door on a pair of sawhorses or across a sturdy table in a well-ventilated area.

4. Use sanding blocks and sandpaper to smooth all surfaces of the table including the top, sides and legs. Start with 180 grit and progress to 220 grit.

5. Use tack cloth to remove all dust and dirt from the table and legs.

6. Apply Polyurethane Finish or paint to door and legs.

7. Let Finish dry 2-4 hours on each side. Apply second coat if necessary.

8. Lineup corner and L brackets on legs and table and pre-drill holes.

9. Mount legs to door using the 2” deck screws and your drill/driver.

10. Check that all table legs are tightly secure.

11. Turn table over and enjoy your new work area.

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