Chainsaw Sharpening the Easy Way with PowerSharp

Keeping a chainsaw sharp is typically not a top priority when it comes to tool maintenance since most of us only use our chainsaw on the rare occasion that we need to trim large branches or clear fallen debris.
But for safety sake, keeping a chain sharpened is important, not to mention how much the performance is increased with a sharp chain.
The PowerSharp looks to be a great solution. It’s easy to use and only takes a couple minutes to sharpen your chain before getting back to work.

How To Sharpen Your ChainSaw with PowerSharp
1. You’ve got to buy the kit and install the bar and chain on your chainsaw. They come in 14″, 16″, and 18″ lengths and will fit most major manufacturers. The reason you need to use their bar is that the sharpening attachment requires a notch to fit into the bar which holds it in place as the saw sharpens.
2. Attach the sharpening unit to the bar.
3. Close the unit around the end and make sure its completely shut.
4. Start the chainsaw and engage the blade then press the PowerSharp attachment against a hard surface which will engage the stone sharpener inside against the chain.
We’ve provided a video to show you how easy this is.

Where to Buy
Visit the PowerSharp website for more details and you can purchase the unit from Northern Tool for $74.99

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