Channel Old World Charm With Lime Wash Paint

We’ve talked on the site before about using natural hydraulic lime to refresh your home’s masonry. If you’re thinking about a paint project within your home’s interior, consider lime wash paint, which evokes a plaster-like feel and is an ideal way to create an aged aesthetic.
Lime wash paint results in an aged, velvety finish that adds an Old World look, enhancing an older home or nicely contrasting with more modern surroundings.
If you’re interested in the look of lime wash, you have a couple of options. Valspar carries a textured lime wash finish that you can apply on top of a base coat in any number of techniques, including sponging, color washing and fresco. This is ideal for those seeking the flexibility to choose from any base coat color while still incorporating the look of lime wash.

Or try lime wash paint from Portola, which offers lime wash in an eco-friendly, low-VOC formula available in a diverse color palette. And if you’re concerned about keeping a lime-washed surface clean, Portola also carries a matte wall sealer that makes a great topcoat.
Would you consider using lime wash paint in your home? If so, where would you apply it?
Photo courtesy of Portola

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