Consider the Lighting when Picking Paint Colors

Oh, the joy of picking paint colors. If you’re like me, it’s a loooong process. I tend to over think some of the small details, and I’m always dazzled by the huge array of colors that await in the hardware store displays. But one thing I never realized made such a huge impact is lighting.
A few years ago, my roommate and I decided to paint every room in our apartment a different color. We opted for a red living room, and after some discussion, settled on an apple skin hue that we thought would be perfect.
And after three coats, it almost was–and I learned a valuable lesson. We painted at night (late, late at night — more on that another time) and, over the next few days, I watched as the sun’s powerful rays brought on an unforeseen orange tone in the paint. It wasn’t horrible, but it also wasn’t what I imagined.

As you’re selecting your own colors, especially vibrant hues, consider purchasing several samples and applying a small patch on your room’s wall. Then, as a few days pass, study how the shifts in daylight — and your room’s incandescent light — affect the color of the paint. You may see a rosier glow in the evening hours, while during the day, a more stark version of the color will be on display.
Once you’ve determined what color works best with your room’s lighting, your paint project is a go! Gather your supplies, round up a group of helpful friends, and let the fun begin.
Have you picked a paint color only to be surprised by how it later looks with your room’s light sources? Or do you thoroughly test each color before application?
Photo by perspicacious

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