Get Smart with Your Pool


Smart home technology works best when it can monitor multiple facets of systems in your home. Swimming pools have a lot of variables that are best managed using a home automation device.

The iAquaLink 2.0 from Zodiac Pool Systems, is a resource that allows pool owners to have complete control of their pool and spa from an app on their smartphone, or any web-connected device. It’s easy to install and gives pool owners complete control of pool pumps, cleaners, lighting, water elements, temperature, and other features through their smartphone or their online AquaLink account.


The technology also provides efficient management tools for pool professionals, allowing them to monitor, diagnose, and even reconfigure all their clients’ pools from a single app, without needing to be at the physical location.

The iAquaLink 2.0 requires professional installation but once you are setup you’ve got the power of your pool in the palm of your hand.




Eng F Temp Eng F Home Eng Lights

Global, 24/7 control of any device connected to the AquaLink System.

Pool, spa, and solar valves
Pool temperature
Spa temperature
Laminar jets
Light dimmers
Pool cleaner
Color and white lights
Landscape lights
Filter pump
Booster pump

For more information visit their website.

IQ900_iAquaLinkDevices_1 IQ900_iAquaLinkScreen_11 IQ900_iAquaLinkiPhone_14


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