Tips To Keep Your Cool In The Kitchen

It’s hard to turn on the oven when it’s sweltering inside and out. I’ve been eating lots of take-out and sandwiches because I can’t bear to roast in my apartment. As the hottest month of the summer heats up, The Kitchn has compiled a great list of design moves that cool your cucina.

  • Install a ceiling fan. This time of year, blades should rotate counterclockwise to move air downward.
  • Install a countertop toaster oven or microwave if you don’t already have one. This will allow you to do some cooking without the use of your larger oven or the open stovetop. If your kitchen is crowded, you can even just use the appliance seasonally and store it away in the cooler months.

  • No air conditioning? If you have a kitchen window, try installing a box fan so that it faces outward. This will direct hot kitchen air out of the space instead of allowing it to linger.
  • If you have a kitchen window (or more than one) – and even if you do have air conditioning – solar gain will still add heat to the space. Try installing a cleanable roller shade to block out that heat from the sun.
  • Have a gas range? Turn the gas off for the hottest months – pilot lights can add substantial heat to a small kitchen.
  • Trade out incandescent light bulbs for compact fluorescents, which give off a lot less heat.

What are your tips for beating the heat in your kitchen during steamy summer months?
Photo by waldenpond

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