Delta Power Equipment Corporation Buys Delta from Stanley Black & Decker

Delta Power Equipment Corporation is a new wholly-owned subsidiary of Chang Type Industrial Co. Ltd., a Taiwan-based manufacturing company and today they announced its deal to purchase the DELTA brand of woodworking equipment and machinery from Stanley Black & Decker.
The Delta Power tools manufacturing will remain Made in USA and should be a boon to the Anderson County area as Delta Power Equipment Corporation will invest more than $3.6 million in building a facility in Anderson County and expects to create 40 new jobs, according to the South Carolina Department of Commerce.

“We are right on track with our transition plan and expect to begin moving machinery and equipment from the Jackson, Tennessee location very soon,” said Bryan Whiffen, President & Chief Executive Officer. “We expect to have the Anderson facility fully operational in April.”
Delta and BIESEMEYER customers can continue to obtain parts and service by calling 800-223-7278 or going to or

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