Window Wisdom Video: Easy Cleaning and Added Security

We’re wrapping up our Window Wisdom series with a short video presented by Steve Donovan from Taylor Brothers Architectural Products here in Los Angeles. They carry a wide selection of windows and doors, but it’s obvious that Steve really knows the Marvin lineup and for him the exclusive features and fit and finish help Marvin standout from the competition.

The features that really stand out are the cleaning options on the casement windows and glider window. Being able to access the backside of a window is not only convenient but adds to your safety since it’s not necessary to use a ladder to clean the windows from a second story or higher. As you can see in the video the process of rotating or removing the windows is extremely easy.
We also like the multi-point hardware that is a part of the door systems which provide added security and a more snug fit which contributes to a longer lasting door that is more energy efficient.
If you are shopping for new windows check out the previous articles in our Window Wisdom series which should help make your decision.

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