DeWALT 12V MAX Pivot Recip Saw

DeWALT is known for their contractor grade recip saws that you will find on most jobsites, but sometimes you don’t need all that brute power but rather a tool that can perform tasks that no other tool can. This pivoting recip saw from DeWALT can do that.
The 12V MAX platform is extremely popular and this cordless tool is a welcome addition and will be a must-have for plumbers, electricians, kitchen installers and whoever needs to make cuts in difficult and tight spaces.
The LED light is a necessity on a tool like this and the the pivoting angle gives you limitless options. The blade is easy to replace and also reverses for even more extreme angles.

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  • Thanks for sharing this information on a greenbuild storage shed. I just went and checked it out. Very interesting.

  • Allison

    I like the step by step–much better than most instructions you get when you buy things to install!

  • That is a really good project from them.

  • Great work! Thank you for posting this information. I’m sure that every woodworker will love this shed.

  • Great post. I have been searching for this exact info for a while now. I will bookmark it.

  • Hmm, re-using the old shed does seem like a nifty idea. Heheh, a green project for a green garden. How fitting, don’t you think? In any case, when one gets interested in doing a project similar to this, take good care of the materials you have at hand since they might come in handy later on.