Do-It-Yourself GoPro Pole Mount


We’ve been having a lot of fun with our GoPro Hero (the original). We’ve got a head mount (which looks kinda silly but is fun), a surfboard mount and paddle/handlebar mount. These are all great but we want to get some more fun angles and get down to the level of our toddler son which looks more interesting than the typical adult height looking down photos.

There are a ton of do-it-yourself GoPro pole ideas online but we wanted to keep this one really simple and with the least amount of materials as possible as well as using what we had on hand. You can also purchase these poles from GoPro as well as a lot of other retailers but we wanted to save some money here and build it ourself.


Our DIY GoPro pole consists of:

1. Two foot 1-inch wood dowel
2. One Oury bicycle grip (green)
3. One GoPro handlebar mount
4. Gorilla Glue duct tape – camo (optional)

How to make a GoPro Pole

1. We already had a dowel cut to the size we needed. Obviously go with whatever length you need. Wood dowels are definitely heavier than an aluminum pole but again we wanted to work with what we had and we didn’t need anything very long.

2. Slide the bicycle grip onto one end of the dowel. Use dishsoap and water to assist if needed but work quickly as the wood will expand and make it even harder to slide the grip on.

3. Wrap whatever colored tape you want around the dowel as decoration. I like the camo tape and just put a bit at the end of the dowel.

4. Attach the GoPro mount to the end of the dowel.

5. Add GoPro and boom! You are done!!!

Here are some photos from GoPro’s using a pole mount. The options are endless!




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