How To Remove Christmas Tree Sap From Your Carpet

Live Christmas trees are a fragrant, eye-catching addition to holiday decor. Yet in addition to requiring extra care, live trees can leave quite a mess by the end of the season. Pine needles are relatively easy to clean up (but can be quite prickly, especially if dried), but what about removing tree sap that may have leaked onto your carpet?

With a heads-up from Shelterrific, we stumbled on DIY Life’s sap removal tutorial. According to writer Francesca Clarke, you have a few options when it comes to completing this task.
First, try freezing the sap-stained area with an ice cube. This will harden the sap and make it easier to pull off. Be advised, however, that this method doesn’t remove sap that’s soaked into the carpet fibers, only that which is on the surface.

Clarke also recommends Citra-Solv, a natural degreaser. Apply some undiluted solution to the sap, let sit for a minute or two, and wipe with a paper towel.
If all else fails, head to your at-home bar. Vodka removes stains and adhesives, and a bit of the alcohol poured over the sap may do the trick. You could also opt for rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer.

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