DIY A One-Of-A-Kind Doormat

We go through a lot of doormats at our house. Between the weather, outside animals, and the occassional vandal, doormats seem to be something we are always putting on the supplies list. This means we often settle for the least offensive option wherever we happen to be … with heavy emphasis on settle.
However, after seeing this quick tutorial on Yellow Brick Home, we started thinking long and hard about making our own doormat.
The process seems simple enough — you find a plain coir doormat, then decide on a theme or look for your mat. Then, using whatever software you prefer, print out your template onto heavy cardstock, and using a very straight blade to cut it out, make a stencil.

Next, use a little tape to keep the stencil in place and either spray or brush matte paint through your stencil and there you have it (after a little drying time, of course)!
The possibilities are endless … and if you’re like us, you could try something new with every mat you made.
What would your ideal doormat look like? Let us know in the comments!

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