DIY Backyard Smoker

There are a lot of plans available for building backyard BBQ grills but this is this is the first do-it-yourself smoker we’ve seen and it’s courtesy of Popular Mechanics.
They’ve provided a great step-by-step tutorial that requires a few tools such as a drill and cutter but otherwise it’s really straightforward and you can build this smoker in an
The key to this smoker is the 55-gallon drum which some people are turning into grills but also makes a great smoker.
Here’s the full plan.

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  • Allison

    Good information here, but if we all use common sense we would avoid many injuries and ruined weekends! One thing I have done successfully is hiring a professional to show me how to do some of these types of projects. Best of both worlds — you learn the insider tricks but have someone there to catch the flying debris if needed.

  • BWood

    Am I stupid? I see no actual list just your typical commercial blog post intro with no information. Where is the actual list?