Down East Doormats: A Brilliant Solution To An Ongoing Problem

Building something or finishing a project is all about creating a solution. So when we stumbled across Down East Doormats, which use the basic design of a doormat to solve an ongoing problem, we didn’t hesitate to share this solution-oriented product with you.
Produced by the Maine Float Rope Company, Down East Doormats are part of the company’s ongoing goal to promote “a history of helping,” according to the company’s website. “We help save whales and other marine life, provide financial assistance to Maine lobstermen and protect the environment.”
Float rope has traditionally been used by lobstermen to tether together traps on the ocean floor. Because the rope runs the risk of entangling whales, new requirements state that float rope must be replaced with sink rope.
And that means hundreds of thousands of pounds of useless float rope are headed to Maine landfills. To help prevent that, the Maine Float Rope Company buys the float rope and turns it into colorful, virtually indestructible doormats.

Not only are the whales protected, but lobstermen receive some additional financial support through the sale of the float rope.
The doormats are available in a wide array of hues, a great way to add a cheerful pop of color to your home’s entryway. Choose from two sizes: medium (18″ x 32″) or large (24″ x 36″). Mats are $49.95/each.
What do you think of the Down East Doormats? Would you buy one for your home?
Photo courtesy of the Maine Float Rope Company

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