DuPont Unveils New Zodiaq, Corian Countertop Colors

When you’re creating colors for kitchen surfaces, what better inspiration is there than food? DuPont’s new color collections in Zodiaq quartz surfaces and Corian solid surfaces are inspired by spices and ingredients, respectively. Think of a kitchen infused with the warmth of chicory, or a fresh burst of cilantro.
Zodiaq Quartz Surfaces
Five new colors are available in the quartz surface, a versatile material that DuPont says “can be used in a variety of residential applications, including kitchen and bathroom countertops, backsplashes, wet bars, fireplace surrounds, tub decks and tub and shower surrounds.”
This year’s collection, inspired by spices, includes Coarse Pepper, Caraway, Poppy Seed, Chicory and Sage.
“We wanted to capture the spirit of crafting a well-seasoned meal in a finely appointed kitchen, including the anticipation, creativity and satisfaction that naturally emerge,” says Lori Alzamora, North American marketing manager for DuPont Building Innovations.
And in response to increased consumer demand for quartz surfaces, three of the collection’s most popular colors–Antique Pearl, Vela Brown and Abyss Black–are now available in the lowest Zodiaq price point, making the material an affordable yet stylish option for all.

Corian Solid Surfaces
Spice injects a burst of flavor to any meal, and Corian’s new color collections imparts the same energy and “flavor” into a kitchen. This year’s hues–Hickory Smoke, Clove, Allspice, Basil, Cilantro, Arrowroot, Blue Spice and Hazelnut–are designed to infuse a rich texture into the kitchen.
“Everybody needs a little more spice in their life–especially in the home, where creativity and comfort really matter,” Alzamora says.
In addition to providing a fresh burst of color to the kitchen, the Corian solid surfaces themselves are works of art. The intense hues are enhanced by dramatic flakes and flashes of particles that impart a depth throughout the hue, with the end result being a material that works just as well in a traditional kitchen as in more modern surroundings. For more information on Corian and Zodiaq, browse the DuPont Surfaces Portfolio.
Our friends at One Project Closer have remodeled their kitchen countertops using this new product and have written an article sharing their experience – Dupont Zodiaq Review
Would you add any of DuPont’s new colors to your kitchen? Which one?
Photos courtesy of DuPont

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