Dwell on Design 2011 Gets Bigger and Better

As other trade shows have contracted, Dwell on Design continues to grow. It’s not a large show but the vendors are well curated and you can picture any of them in the pages of Dwell magazine and many of them probably are.
This year we noticed many more larger brands especially in the kitchen and bath area such as Kohler, TOTO, Duravit. Ford Lincoln also had a large display area and there was still plenty of space for smaller companies to share their latest modern products.
We also liked the Remodelista shop at the front of the show and especially enjoyed the Scout Regalia booth. If you have time check out their website as they have plenty of modern DIY products and plans to build them that will keep your weekends full.
For photos of the event see our album on our Facebook page.


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  • Larry

    And, we are about to replace it!

  • Larry

    Replaced the unit shown (shamed into doing so) with a $179 stainless steel unit with 3 burners and a side warmer from a place here called Big Lots. Discovered a challenge as I thought a conversion kit was available to go from LPG to natural gas. Not so, the company told us. If you are ever told this, don’t believe them. There is a conversion chart that tells one how much larger to drill the venturi openings…it will be a drill bit with a number designation such as 50 or 52. Do this, and any LPG rated BBQ is good to go to use natural gas.