Low Kitchen Storage Maximizes Space, Minimizes Aches

Isn’t it a pain (sometimes literally) when reaching above for dishes or glasses? You may also find yourself stretching up and working your fingers out just to barely nudge at the cake plate waaaaay up high?
What about the storage below your countertops, specifically drawers?

Check out this drawer, which was installed in a city kitchen. Typically, the space under a lower window would have gone unused. Leave no space behind in your kitchen and consider constructing a drawer in your home for deep storage ideal for pots and pans.
The key to ensuring deep drawers last is making sure the drawer glides and boxes can accept the weight you wish to place inside. A typical wood dovetail drawer box should able to hold interior weight of 75 to 110 lbs. Bring on the cast iron!
Having wide drawer banks are incredible to design into your kitchen space. They become true work horses, holding your utensils/silverware in top drawers and leaving the bottom two deeper for storage of dishes, pots, pans, storage containers, linens, lunch baggies and more!
Possibilities are truly endless and the best part is these drawers help you stay organized by being able to easily view and access the whole area. Another benefit is anyone in the family is tall enough to reach in it.
It’s not just large drawers that prove to be great. If all you have is narrow space you can create usability for it.
These apothecary drawers are only six inches in width but provide perfect storage for small items such as wine bottle stoppers, rubber bands or any of the million tiny kitchen tools that we all have hiding around.
How many drawers do you have in your kitchen and do you wish you had more? Perhaps you can convert one cabinet into a drawer bank of three or four drawers!

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