Eco-Friendly Ice Melt Options

Ice melt is a terribly useful invention, but the drawback is that many conventional formulas contain a high degree of chemicals that, during a thaw, can run-off into nearby water sources or become absorbed by the groundwater.
So what, if any, eco-friendly options do you have? It turns out, several. The Hipster Housewife did some research and found several green ice melt options, although in all honesty, the best choice is to go without.
If you’re in need of ways to make your property less treacherous, try these solutions:
*Kitty litter

Each of these products is effective because it provides traction on top of the ice, which can help with walking and driving.
The Hipster Housewife also mentions Earth Friendly Products Ice Melt, which is safe for pets and vegetation and packaged in recyclable containers.
Do you use an eco-friendly ice melt option? Let us know your recommendation!

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