This EMP Car Cover Will Ensure Your Bugout Vehicle is Always Ready

Annie Jacobsen describes nuclear war in harrowing detail during her recent podcast with Lex Fridman, but another terrifying threat is the danger of electromagnetic pulses (EMPs) and radio frequency (RF) intrusions to disrupt and shut down our daily life. Mission Darkness has devised a solution to at least protect your EV and electronically controlled vehicle from damage from an EMP.

The CYBERCYLENT EMP Faraday Car Cover by Mission Darkness offers an impenetrable shield for your vehicle against these invisible threats.

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A Shield Against the Unseen

EMPs and RF intrusions are capable of rendering the electronic heart of your vehicle lifeless in an instant. Enter the CYBERCYLENT EMP Faraday Car Cover, which emerges as a beacon of protection. Crafted with precision, this cover is not just a barrier but a fortress for your vehicle, offering unmatched defense in an age where electronic safety is no longer a given but a necessity.

The Real Threat of an EMP

The specter of an EMP looms large over our modern electronic reliance, capable of stripping away the very essence of our vehicles’ functionality. An EMP could transform today’s vehicles, laden with electronic components, into nothing more than metal sculptures in a blink.

Mission Darkness recognized this vulnerability and responded with the CYBERCYLENT, a solution that extends military-grade protection to civilians. This innovative cover is a shield against the chaos of electromagnetic disturbances, ensuring that your vehicle remains a beacon of mobility and security in an unpredictable world.

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Military-Grade Protection for Every Vehicle

The CYBERCYLENT is not just for the futuristic lines of the Tesla Cybertruck but offers sanctuary to various vehicles. Whether you’re steering a hybrid, an electric vehicle, or a gas-powered car, this cover protects your vehicle, guarding against the erratic nature of EMPs and solar flares.

With dimensions generously accommodating the Tesla Cybertruck (7’6″ H x 9′ W x 21′ L) or any other large EV, it is a testament to Mission Darkness’s commitment to universal vehicle protection.

Features That Fortify

The CYBERCYLENT comes packed with features designed to offer peace of mind and ease of use:

  • Military-Grade EMP Protection: A robust defense mechanism against electromagnetic pulses, solar flares, and RF intrusions.
  • Lightweight, Durable Frame: It is constructed with a carbon fiber frame and aluminum connectors, offering easy assembly and a stable structure.
  • Adjustable Velcro Tension Straps: These straps ensure precise cover tightness and positioning, adapting seamlessly to your vehicle.
  • Easy to Use: Designed for simplicity, it offers straightforward setup and doorway access, prioritizing convenience without compromising protection.
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Beyond Protection: A Commitment to Preparedness

Mission Darkness doesn’t just sell a product; it sells a commitment to security and preparedness. The CYBERCYLENT EMP Faraday Car Cover is pivotal in any comprehensive doomsday or vehicle preparedness plan. Its unmatched level of defense, lab-tested and certified, brings military-grade protection into the civilian domain, offering a peace of mind that is both rare and essential in our digital age.

The CYBERCYLENT Difference

It’s not just a cover; it’s a fortress for your car, ensuring it remains untouched by the digital chaos lurking beyond our control. With Mission Darkness, you’re not just investing in a product but securing a future where your vehicle remains ready and resilient, no matter what the world throws its way.

We’ll stick with our 1983 Mercedes-Benz for now, but if we make the leap to an EV, we may have to consider this cover.

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