Enhance Your Home’s Exterior Security

When it comes to protecting your home and your family, the exterior is just as important as any interior security features you may have. The best thing about most of these suggestions is that they’re relatively budget-friendly, too, and therefore easier to incorporate.
Of course, one of the number-one exterior security features is lighting. ADT Security says you can choose from three types of lighting, depending on your specific situation.
1. All-night lighting: A light-sensitive photocell allows the light to turn on at dusk and off at dawn. That way, your property is illuminated all night. The downside? Because the light is on for such a long period of time, you’ll likely see a noticeable spike in your electric bill. If this is an attractive lighting option for you, consider using a solar light instead.
2. Motion-activated lighting: The lights are activated on an as-needed basis, and, as ADT Security says, “it can be quite frightening for a trespasser when lights suddenly turn on, which is why this type of light is so effective and popular.”
3. Hi/Low combination lighting: Low-intensity light shines throughout the night. When someone walks by the lights, a motion-activated sensor makes the lights get brighter. This is also a more cost-effective way of providing complete illumination all night without a huge electric bill.

Other exterior security features:
1. Security cameras: These will definitely push your security budget higher, but in some instances may add a much-appreciated layer of surveillance and protection. Choose cameras that have wide-angle lenses, mid-range lenses or long-range lenses, depending on the field of vision you want to capture.
2. Check the perimeter: Want to boost your home’s security and not spend a dime? Simply spend some time walking the perimeter. Look for vulnerable spots that make it easier for someone to enter your home and decide how you can improve those areas. And while you’re at it, consider displaying a “Beware of dog” sign or a home security company seal. If these are highly visible, they’re likely to deter someone from entering your home.
Do you have any other tips for how to boost your home exterior’s security?
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