How To Whitewash Brick

Brick, like wood trim and other architectural details, is one of those materials that draws strongly opposed crowds when it comes to painting … or preserving.
If your brick isn’t in prime condition or you’re eager for a new look, consider covering it with a layer of whitewash. The advantage to whitewash, as opposed to paint, is that it’s much lighter and still allows the look and texture of the brick to show through without being completely covered.
Whitewash is also an ideal way to add brightness to a room, perfect if you’re looking for a little pick-me-up.

Tracie of Cleverly Inspired opted to whitewash her brick fireplace as part of an ongoing fireplace/mantel project. She mixed her own batch of whitewash by watering down white paint, which allowed her to create the perfect tone and consistency.
Brush the whitewash on the brick with a paintbrush and, if you want, blot the paint with a rag to further lighten the whitewash and remove any excess.
Where do you stand on painting/whitewashing brick? Would you go for it, or are you a firm believer that brick should stay in its original condition?
Photo courtesy of Cleverly Inspired

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