Find Tools and Materials on DiggersList

In a response to the amount of waste that many job sites create either through demolition of perfectly good materials or ending up with surplus, the founders of DiggersList wanted to create a free marketplace where people could exchange home improvement supplies and tools with ease.
Think of DiggersList as an online classified listing. They cover 31 cities and have plans to reach 242 cities across the country in the near future.
The site offers more than 70 specific categories that divide home improvement products and services into easily viewed so you can find Drywall, wood, tile, ovens, anything you’re looking for to complete your DIY project, including local services such as plumbers and electricians – where you might not be able to DIY.

More than 160 million tons of construction and building waste end up in landfills each year, an estimated 44 percent of that waste is created by home renovation projects. This site helps reduce that waste plus have it go towards a home project to help improve homes across the country.
DiggersList has gone one step farther to help the non-profit. They have a unique partnership with Habitat for Humanity ReStores to fill the online classifieds with their inventory – donated by contractors, suppliers and homeowners, so they can use those funds to go back into the Habitat for Humanity’s philanthropic home-building mission.
We checked their Los Angeles edition and although we hoped for a bit more of a selection, at least you didn’t have to wade through a bunch of junk as you would on Craigslist.
Is your city on the DiggerList? What do you think?

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