How to Winterize a Pressure Washer

Briggs and Stratton 3100 PSI pressure washer Review 1

It’s important to winterize all of the gas powered tools if you are no longer going to be using them. This prevents moisture from building up inside the engine and protects the pump from cold weather. it also makes it easier to start. Follow these steps if you are going to be storing your pressure washer for longer than 30 days

Add Fuel Stabilizer

Add a Briggs and Stratton fuel stabilizer to your tank and run the engine for two minutes to circulate the stabilizer through the engine. Then turn off your pressure washer.

Clean Out the Soap

You’ll want to remove all of the soap from the pressure washer. Make sure you run the system with the soap on and make sure the soap empties from the soap canister. Then use your hose and pour some water into the tank and run that through your power washer for about two minutes to ensure all of the soap has been cleared from the system. Turn off your pressure washer then turn off the water. Take the pressure washer gun and pull the trigger to release any water pressure.

Remove Hoses

Remove all of the hoses from the pressure washer and make sure they are clear of water. Wipe the hoses down and wrap then neatly to be stored with your pressure washer.

Add Pump Saver

The final step is to add Briggs and Stratton pump saver to your pressure washer. This protects your pump from cold weather and clears out any mineral deposits that have accumulated. Follow the instructions closely to add the pump saver and wear safety glasses when performing this task.

Winterizing your pressure washer will ensure it is ready for you in the Spring and will maximize the life of your pressure washer.

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