First-Time DIY Essentials: IKEA FIXA Tools

When we moved into our first house a month before the holidays, we were overjoyed to later receive gracious amounts of basic (and not-so-basic) tools and accessories from our famliy to help with our renovation plans. And while those tools have been more than useful to have around, when we have small projects lying around the house we keep coming back to the simplest of tools — the IKEA FIXA line.
These tools have become the standbys in our home — perhaps it’s the convenient packaging, the portability, or the fact that they were so darn inexpensive that we don’t worry about ruining them too much, but whenever a small project pops up, you can be sure to see a FIXA kit nearby.

Admittedly, we don’t own the drill (though we are curious about it) but these tools have stood up to the past four years of abuse that major home renovation as well as minor household projects have imparted upon them.
One of our favorite aspects is the screwdriver with changeable bits — there’s even IKEA-furniture-friendly building ones so you can toss that allen wrench into the recycling bin. The handles are cushy enough to keep from callousing your hands but rugged enough to stand up to continuous use. And the uber-organized storage boxes make it almost too easy to find exactly what you’re looking for when you need it, instead of digging through your tool box near endlessly.
These were an impulse buy before we officially moved in — we didn’t want to come in to this monster project of a house without so much as a hammer and screwdriver to our names — but at under $15 a kit (save for the drill, which is still a steal at $25) they barely made a dent in our budget and have stood up to all the hard core tools we’ve acquired since.
So if you know someone starting out in their first place this holiday season, or are looking for a great set of basic hand tools for your kids or yourself, we highly recommend the IKEA FIXA line as a great beginners’ or back-up set of tools.
Pictured clockwise from left: 17-piece tool kit; 8-piece tool kit; screw with plug; screwdriver/drill all courtesy of

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