Black & Decker 24 Volt Cordless String Trimmer/Edger Review

Black & Decker has introduced an upgrade to their cordless trimmer/edger with a 24V model. It’s still light, strong and maneuverable but with much more power than their 18V offering.
Hits: Ease of operation, Battery life, Clean, Power Boost
Misses: One battery
Uses: Trimming around trees in small to medium sized yards and edging sidewalks around typical homes
We’ve had our hands on this Black & Decker cordless trimmer for a few months and are extremely pleased with its performance. We absolutely love clean and “green” lawn tools that don’t require gas but work just as effectively.
This cordless trimmer has an easy to pull trigger plus a power boost button for areas that are heavy and when you really need more power. We hardly ever use the power boost but its handy to have.

The trimmer is very light and the battery is slim enough that it isn’t obtrusive or awkward to use. The whole unit feels well balanced except when you need to lean it against a wall for storage. We wish it was easier to store.
Quick video demonstration of the Black & Decker 24V Trimmer in action

We also wish an extra battery was included so we could always leave one on the charger but the battery life has been great and we can trim and edge our house at least 4-5 times before feeling any significant power loss.
The built-in edging feature is nice and is super easy to transform the trimmer to an edger. Here’s a simple video showing that process.

From the video you can also see and hear that this trimmer isn’t very noisy which is a great feature that we often overlook.
If you are seeking a light-duty trimmer that can double as an edger we suggest considering this 24V unit from Black & Decker. It retails for $139 and we feel is worth the investment.
Here are a few more stats and notes straight from Black & Decker
Black & Decker equipped this trimmer with a high performance 24 volt battery pack, new 9,000 RPM motor and a patented gear drive transmission to dramatically increase power output over all other cordless trimmer designs on the market today. These patents and upgrades enable the new 24 Volt String Trimmer to quickly take down the tallest weeds and easily trim along fences, houses, landscape beds and more.
In addition, the adjustable aluminum shaft and soft no-slip grip areas make the 24 Volt String Trimmer comfortable to use. With the touch of a single button, the trimmer head rotates to an edger to deliver even more versatility and convenience. To cap it off, the 24 Volt Trimmer/Edger uses an patented auto feed spool system, which automatically advances the cutting line as it wears down.

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